Peer Review

What is the Unipark peer review?

When it comes to putting together a questionnaire, the name of the game is: self-confidence is good, but getting a second opinion is better! That’s why Unipark offers you the peer review. You can use it to get your questionnaire tested by other Uniparkers before it goes into the field. Checking it through in this way helps identify mistakes or inconsistencies in your questionnaire, and generates suggestions for improvement.

With the peer review, you can ensure maximum data quality for your online survey (reliability, validity, transferability).

One for all, and all for one!

Get active, become part of the questionnaire peer review process, and provide useful tips! You will also get valuable insight into the way other Uniparkers design questionnaires, and collect ideas that you can use in your own surveys.

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How it works

The community is testing your questionnaire

You test other questionnaires

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