FAQ - Privacy

Through its EFS Platform, QuestBack GmbH offers software that covers the entire survey process and delivers it as a service (Software as a Service). The EFS Platform is hosted in a BSI/ISO 27001 certified data center owned by Datagroup Bremen GmbH

Data protection in terms of general data handling and the survey software itself is handled by the individuals responsible for data protection at QuestBack GmbH. Data protection in terms of hosting and data centers is handled by the individuals responsible for data protection at Datenschutz Nord GmbH.
No, ip addresses will not be saved by default. Therefore, a special right is required, which can be activated by the Unipark team (info@unipark,de), on request. For furhter information please have a look into the manual.  
No. QuestBack will not process data for other purposes or by other means than the ones agreed with its customers contractually.
Yes, but it is just available in German, so far.
Please send us a request regarding the technical and organizational data protection measures to inf@unipark.de. We will be happy to provide you with the according document.

FAQ - Order & License

You ordered a license and received the following message: "A new Unipark Account could not be created, because your details are already in our system."

In this case, a Unipark account linked to your email address already exists. Because the email address for each account must be unique (i.e. it can only be present once within the system), you need to order a new license using a different email address, or change the email address linked to your existing account.

If you don’t need an additional license, please check your existing access and cancel the additional order using the cancel button in the order confirmation area. Otherwise you will receive an additional invoice. If you have not received an order confirmation email, please check your SPAM folder. If you don’t find the email here either, please contact our payment provider, Cleverbridge.

There are a number of reasons that could prevent you from logging in:

1. You’re trying to log in using the wrong URL. Please check the URL in your order confirmation email. Unipark is only accessible via the following three installations: www.unipark.de/www, ww2.unipark.de/www and ww3.unipark.de/www.

2. Your password is incorrect. Please click on the “Forgotten password” link on the login page. You will then be sent a URL via which you can reset your password. (Please also check your SPAM folder if the email doesn’t arrive in your inbox). If generating a new password doesn’t solve the problem, please send us a message using the contact form.

3. Your account has expired. In this case, please contact your account manager. If you ordered and received access to your account via the Unipark order form, your manager is a member of the Unipark Team (reachable via the contact form). If you received access to your account via a university employee, please contact that person.

All Unipark licenses are issued on a subscription basis and are renewed automatically when they expire if they are not cancelled. There is no cancellation notice period.
There are a number of reasons why your account may have been deactivated:

1. Your license has expired, because you didn’t reorder your invoice, previously paid for via Paypal, after the migration to the new payment system supplied by our partner, Cleverbridge (as described in the email we sent you).

-> Please contact the Unipark Team via the contact form.

2. Your license has expired because the person who ordered it has cancelled it.

-> Please contact our partner Cleverbridge.

3. Your license has expired because the invoice was not paid within the required timeframe.

-> Please contact our partner Cleverbridge.

4. Your license was not renewed by your account manager.

-> Please contact your (internal university) license manager.

With a Unipark Test Account, you cannot complete any projects. This license is only valid for software testing purposes. – not for the execution of real projects. For that, one of the following licenses is required:

With a Unipark Student License, you can complete one project within a 3-month period.

With a Unipark Professor License, you can complete up to 25 projects within the organization.

With a Unipark institute license, the organization can complete up to 100 projects.

If you reach the project limit within the terms of a Professor- or Institute License but still want to complete additional projects, you must first archive an existing project (either in the system’s own archive, or on your computer), or delete one.

You can cancel your license by clicking on the cancellation button that you will find in the order confirmation email you received after you ordered your license.

Alternatively, you can also cancel your subscription via our payment partner, Cleverbridge. 

FAQ - Administration

The first step is to name a new license manager.

This person should be primarily responsible for the management of the employee accounts, the team and the project. The license manager is also usually the primary contact person for the Unipark Support Team. The ‘new’ license manager (NM) needs access to all the rights enjoyed by the ‘old’ license manager (OM), in order to be able to perform these tasks.

How can the OM transfer his rights to the NM?

There are two options:

Option 1 (easy): The OM’s account is transferred to the NM. Under “Change Account Data“ the OM can replace his data with those of the NM (especially first name, last name and email address).

Important note: The account name cannot be changed. The NM must work with the account name created by the OM (the account name is not relevant for effective license management). – The transfer is then complete.


If the NM needs to manage the license with his own account, see Option 2.

Option 2: The NM assumes responsibility for managing the license with his existing account. First, the OM must add the NM to his so-called primary team (the team that Unipark entered into the system as part of the license ordering process). As a result, the OM will “Transfer leadership” (button available). In addition, the NM should be listed as the administrator with all the other teams connected to the license, and take over the management of the license.

After the transfer is successfully completed, the OM’s account will be deleted. – The transfer is complete.

To delete an individual employee’s account, take the following steps:

1. Click on the “Teams’ tab within the Employee menu and select the relevant team. All team members will be displayed.

2. Select the team member you wish to remove by clicking in the relevant checkbox.

3. From the drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen, select the “delete employee from team” option and click on “Save”.

The employee will be deleted from the organizational list, unless he is also a member of another team.

Please note that you must have access to the required rights in order to be able to delete an employee account. Only team members and users with “groupadmin” rights have the relevant authorization.

If you can’t add any more projects or colleagues, then you don’t have the correct rights.

There are a number of possible reasons for this:

1. You are using a Student License that does not entitle you to add colleagues, or work on more than one project.

2. You can’t add any more projects because the project limit for your license has been reached.

-> Archive or delete one of your old projects. You will then be able to add a new project.

The team entered by your account manager can’t access the necessary rights. Your account manager could either be a member of the Unipark Team or an employee of your university.

-> To activate the required rights, pleased contact your account manager (the person that set up your account).

You can reach the Unipark Team via the contact form.

FAQ - Data Export

According to data protection law, combining personal and survey data is highly questionable unless the subject group has been informed in advance.

In order to execute a combined export of this data, you need an additional right that is not activated as part of the standard installation. If you want to request this right, please send us a combined data export request via email at info@unipark.de. We will then activate the missing right for you.

You can find the request form in our download area. 

The meaning of these codes is as follows:

0: This code is assigned to closed question types, when the respondent saw the question but didn’t answer it.

-66: This code relates to open question variants that the respondent hasn’t seen e.g. because he skipped the page via automated filtering.

-77: This is the equivalent -66 code for closed questions.

-99: This code is in the last page field if the respondent has successfully completed the survey.

In text fields, the -99 code signifies that the respondent has seen the question but not answered it.

SPSS cuts text after 255 characters. You need to refer to the CSV export.

Please follow these steps:

1. In the "Export" menu, select "Results data (all inputs,...)", then as Format: "CSV" and as Export template: "Project, open questions only".

2. The CSV files generated in this way can then be edited in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

You probably have the wrong format checked in the open text field. The ‘whole number’ format displays the variable as a number rather than a string.

Projects can’t be exported using a Test Account. In order to export data, an upgrade to a Student-, Professor-, or Institute License is required.

There is one exception: The user of a Test Account has received access to a Professor- or Institute License from his university, and now wants to import the questionnaire he has programmed within his Test Account, into his university account.

-> In this scenario, the Unipark Team can perform an export.

In order to do this, we need the following information:

1) 1) The project ID of the old project from the Test Account, and the respective installation.

2) 2) The team name and the Team ID of the new team into which the project should be imported.

Important note: An export is only possible within the 2-week duration of a Test Account, After the two week period has ended, the data will be deleted from our system.

FAQ - Layout

Yes, EFS Survey provides a standard layout that can then be customized by, for example, uploading university logos, adjusting colors and fonts, changing the size of white spaces, etc.

In addition, our software features a professional layout editor that allows the desired layout to be aligned with the Stylesheet. This requires HTML and CSS skills.

In addition to support for well-established file formats (e.g. jpeg), our software also enables MP3s and videos to be built into individual questions. It’s important to note that using a large number of files or large file sizes can influence the questionnaire’s loading time.

In general, you should not add any file that is larger than 20MB in size. Files must initially be uploaded into the media library and can then be added to a questionnaire simply by copying the appropriate link.
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